Planning & Prices

Local Understanding

We strive to be the most local, most approachable, most affordable cemetery on the West Shore. We are locally owned and operated. Our staff and board members grew up in the area and have multiple generations of family at Mt. Olivet, which helps give us a good base of understanding of local family needs.

Full Range of Traditional and Cremation Burial Services

Mt. Olivet Cemetery offers a full range of traditional and cremation burial options to meet the needs of one or more family members today and well into the future.

Grave marker

New Cremation Services

To help meet family needs in these most challenging times, cremation burial plots have been significantly lowered to $100. Multiple adjoining plots are available in our special cremation areas to keep families together forever. Prevailing interment fee to be paid at the time of burial. Currently the interment fee is $600. Flush grave markers are also available at reasonable cost.

Traditional Burial Services

Traditional vault burial plots are available for $1,500 for two graves side-by-side. Single burial plots are $1,000. Prevailing interment fee to be paid at the time of burial. Currently the fee is $1,500. Combinations of traditional and cremation burial interments are possible. Graves can be memorialized with a monument or flush marker at reasonable cost.

Infant Empathy

In the most unfortunate occurrence of an infant’s death, Mt. Olivet Cemetery will work closely with parents during their most difficult time of grief. Infant burial plot and interment fees for Mt. Olivet patrons will be handled by the cemetery at no charge.

Advance Planning

Mt. Olivet Cemetery and your funeral home counselor can help you with planning ahead as well as when any need arises. Advance planning for burial plots for you and your loved ones has many advantages.  Most importantly…to be able to focus more on human emotional needs at the time of death, rather than details.  Arranging burial details in advance also provides more time to think through all the best options and discuss with family members.  Advance planning also can help achieve lower costs.

For Burial Needs and Counsel

Please contact Tom Brlansky, our Mt. Olivet Cemetery consultant, to discuss your burial needs, services, and options.

Phone: 717-774-2150