Burial Services and Fees
Monuments and Memorial Guidelines

Local Understanding

We strive to be the most local, most approachable, most affordable nonprofit cemetery on the West Shore.  Our manager, staff and board directors all grew up in the area and have multiple generations of family at Mt. Olivet… which helps give us a good understanding of local family needs and leads us to offer a range of affordable cremation and traditional vault burial options.

Cremation Urn Burial

Cremation plots (24” x 40”) are available for as low as $300. Two urns may be interred in one plot. Adjoining plots are available. Interment fee, paid at time of burial, is currently $1,050 during normal hours (M-F, 9am to 4pm) and $1,350 outside of normal hours. Fees may be paid in advance.

New Cremation Burial Services

Mt. Olivet now offers graveside cremation burial services customized for your needs and budget. Cremation urn pedestal, tent, chairs, and ground coverings are provided for very reasonable fees.

To further help lower burial costs, Mt. Olivet can now order, inscribe, and install flush memorial ground markers and pour cement foundations at very reasonable rates.

Sam Brinley, our General Manager, will work with you on specific needs.

Traditional Vault Burial

Two traditional vault plots side by side are available for $3,000. Single plots are $1,815. Plot size is 39” by 10’. Interment fee, paid at time of burial, is currently $2,625 during normal hours (M-F, 9am to 4pm) and $3,000 otherwise.  One cremation urn may be interred in addition to a traditional vault.

Advance Planning

Mt. Olivet Cemetery and your funeral director can help you with planning ahead as well as when any need arises. Advance planning for burial plots for you and your loved ones has many advantages. Most importantly… to be able to focus more on human emotional needs at the time of death, rather than details. Arranging burial details in advance also provides more time to think through all the best options and discuss with family members. Advance planning also can help achieve lower costs.

Infant Empathy

In the most heartfelt occurrence of an infant’s death, Mt. Olivet Cemetery will work closely with parents during their most difficult time of grief and will cover interment costs at no charge.

For Burial Needs and Counsel

Please contact Sam Brinley, Mt. Olivet Cemetery General Manager
Phone:  717-774-2150
Email:  info@mtolivetcemetery.org

Monument Guidelines

Installation and maintenance of grave monuments and flush ground markers is the responsibility of the family and includes the following cemetery guidelines.

For above ground monuments we recommend working with a local monument provider. You’ll find a few listed below. Gingrich Memorials is one that is very familiar with Mt. Olivet and has provided monument services for our families for many years.

For flush ground markers, you can work with local providers or with Mt. Olivet directly. We can order, inscribe, and install ground markers at very low rates. We also pour cement foundations, again at very low rates.  Contact our manager, Sam Brinley, to discuss your specific needs.

All monuments, grave markers and locations are to be approved by the cemetery manager and a placement layout fee of $175 paid prior to installation. Mt. Olivet has the right of removal at owner’s expense if monuments and markers are not approved in advance or are installed differently from what was approved.

Monument and Memorial Providers

Gingrich Memorials
5243 Simpson Ferry Rd.
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

Romberger Memorials
2395 State St.
Harrisburg, PA 17103

Personal Memorials & Guidelines

Special occasion flowers, holiday bouquets and Christmas wreaths are welcomed at Mt. Olivet. Flowers should be placed in a sturdy vase on the monument or staked to the ground right next to the gravestone to allow for proper grass cutting and edging. Please remove or replace flowers when wilted or weathered and remove holiday wreathes after the season.

Prohibited Items

Planting flowers or bulbs and placing long-term flower planters are not permitted. Also prohibited is placement of any metal, glass or ceramic container, figurine, marbles, stones, toys, dolls, inflatables, banners, and other personal memorial items that hinder grass mowing or are viewed as unsightly. We realize the term “unsightly” is very subjective but believe that if two or more neighboring families complain, it’s cause for concern, discussion and resolution. Patrons are not authorized to remove items from other family’s gravesites.

For More Information

Contact Sam Brinley, Mt. Olivet Cemetery General Manager
Phone:  717-774-2150
Email:  info@mtolivetcemetery.org