Dear Visitor,

Welcome to our new website!  The overall mission of Mt. Olivet Cemetery is to provide a beautiful and peaceful resting place for loved ones and a serene retreat for family and friends to visit and reflect. In the process, we work to be the most approachable, friendly, and affordable community cemetery.


We’ve been providing peace of mind to families in New Cumberland and surrounding areas for over 200 years and we are fortunate to have the financial strength and management skills to keep getting stronger for many more years to come.


This new website is meant to reopen communication with our patrons who have loved ones interred at Mt. Olivet; to update improvements being made; to provide information for prospective patrons considering a final resting place; and to give everyone the ability to locate a gravesite for a long departed family member, military hero, or local civic leader.


We hope you find this online extension of Mt. Olivet Cemetery helpful.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do to better meet your needs offline or online.


Thank you,

Mt. Olivet Staff and Board of Directors