We strive to be the most local, most approachable, most affordable nonprofit cemetery on the West Shore.  Our manager, staff and board directors all grew up in the area and have multiple generations of family at Mt. Olivet… which gives us a good understanding of how to meet local family needs today and tomorrow.

For burial needs, grounds, and operations issues please contact:

Sam Brinley, Mt. Olivet Cemetery General Manager
Mt. Olivet Office Phone:  717-774-2150

Sam works closely with funeral directors, families, monument providers and pastors to prepare burial services.  He manages all operations and supervises our groundskeeping crew and volunteers. Sam grew up in New Cumberland, has family buried at the cemetery, and personally knows many Mt. Olivet families. His superior management and operations skills developed through a career with the US Air Force, Appleton Paper Company, and Starbucks Roasting Plant in York, PA.  He can usually be found at the cemetery on weekday mornings and can be reached via phone, mail or email at contact information on this page.

Sam Brinley photo

Mt. Olivet Board Members:

Mt. Olivet Cemetery Volunteer Board Members:
Nancy Derr, Vice President
Robert Nauss Whitmoyer, Treasurer
Gene Brinton
Deb Shenck
Andy Kohr
Marty Kohr, President

All can be reached via email:

We Thank You For Your Support,

Mt. Olivet Cemetery Management and Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Left to right: Robert Whitmoyer, Sam Brinley, Jenny Brinley, Andy Kohr, Nancy Derr, Gene Brinton and Marty Kohr.